travel plans

LinkedIn tried to stop the follow for some time and finally gave up. But its a great way of keeping monitor of anywhere you have an interest in even in peace time.

We depart in every week, and will be staying for a full two weeks this time, finishing up with a number of days in London. Finally, consider taking a number of shorter journeys through the summer season rather than one long trip to a single destination.

This approach not only protects towards potential vacation spot-particular lockdowns, but might also assist make up for lost visits during the pandemic. Of course, these restrictions could be avoided by sticking to home journey, however many vacationers are keen to go overseas. Services like Airbnb and Vrbo typically let hosts select the cancellation policy.

travel plans

Regardless of the trigger, airfare prices are unlikely to drop significantly before peak summer season journey. So reserving sooner rather than later would possibly allow you to avoid getting priced out of this travel season.

In 2016 when I first turned conscious of the war, I started connecting to Ukrainians on LinkedIn so I might get information. Now I have so many connections the reports simply pile in.