Glossary Of Tourism Terms

tourism destination

From the seas, mountains and rainforest to the prairies and the tundra, discover distinctive landscapes and experience the wonder of respectful animal encounters along with your Indigenous hosts and guides. Join us for genuine cultural experiences and build meaningful connections between our previous, current and future.

tourism destination

The quality of a community can be enhanced by financial diversification via tourism. Tourism also affects the society of the destination in good in addition to unhealthy ways. It advantages and prices the local communities. Higher demand created by tourism activity could improve the value of land, housing and a variety of commodities needed for every day life. Tourism generates foreign change for the country and injects capital and new money into the native economic system.

Monitoring and control of sources and quantity of water used for tourism functions and its effect on native communities and ecosystems. Promotion and checking of adherence to objectives by tourism enterprises. The destination has targets to cut back power consumption, enhance efficiency in its use, in addition to increase using renewable power. The destination has a system to encourage enterprises to measure, monitor, cut back, and publicly report their contribution to those targets. Provision of data to visitors on avoiding trade in endangered species, e.g. in purchase of souvenirs derived from threatened species of wildlife notified by IUCN or CITES.

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