Vacations do seem trivial and only relate to having fun. However, the effects of holidays for mental and physical health are also great. Therefore, arrange a vacation plan properly and carefully so that your vacation is truly quality and enjoyable. The following are tips for planning an effective vacation:

Gather Info and Research

Don’t be blind about the tourist area you want to go to. Look for information on the internet or you can ask friends, look from magazines or look for it on the internet. Currently the search for information through the internet is better with many sites that provide complete information about tourist attractions. If possible, look for travel logs or travel logs and experiences of other people who have visited the place you want to go, because it will be more helpful & informative.

Know the Road to Be Passed

Many people do not realize how important a map is. Basically your map is a picture of the earth’s surface written on a flat plane. In addition to showing the location, a good map must have a scale, so you can determine the distance from one place to another, which in the end you can determine the estimated travel time. More informative maps are equipped with contour lines which represent elevations, so you can tell where a place is in high or low land, or a journey that is going up or down.

Local Destination Transportation Info Research

This is no less important. There are several alternative transportation that can be used to and during your vacation with various advantages and disadvantages. If you decide to use a private vehicle, it is best if your destination is not too far away, make sure your vehicle is in top condition, check all standard equipment such as tool boxes & spare tires, papers etc.


This price is a discount price given by the hotel to its business partners, it can be in the form of prospective large companies or travel companies. For five-star hotels, discounted prices are given from the published rate on weekdays and weekends. That’s why travel companies can give big discount prices to their customers.